Dissolution Tester

Dissolution Tester


Dissolution tester RC 12AD is a new pharmaceutical dissolution tester designed according to requirements for dissolution detection specified by Chinese Pharmacopoeia and American Pharmacopoeia£®The tester adopted structure of double-row with 12 vessels and 12 paddles (baskets)£¬it is capable of simultaneously performing 2 batches of dissolution test£¬with powerful functions, stable performance, high reliability, simple operating procedures£®


12 baskets and 12 paddIes

12 dissolution vessel with 185mm height

Lift head electronically

Automatically positioning shafts with vessels in coaxially

Sealed cover to avoid dissolution medium evaporation

LCD display and user-friendly menu prompts

Separated keys to control rotation, Lift and timing

Temperature sensor with high precision

Sampling procedure of 10 groups

Parameter can be changed in manual control

Turn off and warm up in timing

Date, clock and temperature calibration

Timing continued within 5 minutes of electricity break£®

Ultra-temperature alarm and over-heat protection

Micro-printer is optional for printout

Main technical parameters

- Wobble of paddle£º¡Ü0.5mm

- Wobble of basket£º¡Ü1.0mm

- Coaxially of shaft and vessel: ¡Ü2.0 mm

- Speed control range: 25-250 rpm

- Speed resolution£º1 rpm

- Speed stabization accuracy£º¡Ü¡À4£¥

- Temperature control range£º5oC (Room temperature) to 45oC

- Temperature resolution£º0.1¡æ

- Temperature control accuracy£º¡Ü¡À0.3oC

- Sampling times: ¡Ü12 times

- Sampling period: ¡Ü99 hour 59min

- Working noise: 60dB

- Environment requirement: Temperature 5 ¨C 37 oC, Humidity ¡Ü80%

- Safety performance: the apparatus is provided with self-detection and self-protection functions.
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