Disintegration Tester

Disintegration Tester


Disintegration Tester is a drug testing equipment for tablets, capsules, and pills disintegration time limit detection based on Chinese Pharmacopoeia. Meanwhile, main technical parameters meeet the provisions about disintegration time limit detection in USP-23, BP-1988, JP-11.


4 sets of lifting basket

Automatic control water bath temperature at 37.0¡æ(Pharmacopoeia).

Correct the temperature with open calibration knob at any time

The basket lifting time can be set again.

Using SCM as the core of computer control technology

With monitoring & overheat alarm and automatic protection function

Display the temperature in each beaker

Main Technical Parameters

- Water Temp. range: automatic controlled at 37.0¡æ

- Temperature control accuracy: ¡À0.5¡æ

- Timing range£º1min¡«120min

- Time control accuracy£º¡À0.5min

- The number of lifting basket: 4 set

- Basket lifting frequency£º 30¡«31 times/min.

- Basket lifting distance£º£¨55¡À1£©mm

- Min. distance between the sieve to the bottom of the cup£º25mm¡À2mm

- The size of mesh: standard configuration 2mm

- Display and monitor the temperature in each beaker.

- Power Supply£º220V 50Hz 800W

- Outline dimension(L¡Á W¡Á H):  650mm¡Á280mm¡Á425mm

- Packing size(L¡Á W ¡ÁH): 750mm¡Á380mm¡Á540mm

- Gross weight£º26Kg

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