Digital Tablet Hardness Tester

Digital Tablet Hardness Tester


High precision pressure sensor ensure the accuracy and reproducibility of the test

LCD display, display rich content, the user can enjoy intelligent operation according to the screen prompts.

Optional measurement methods: manual single / automatic continuous

System can automatically realize the compression, display, latch, reset, cycle test, linear error correction, fault diagnosis.

With powerful data processing ability, it can statistic, analysis, print, display the test results. The test report can be provided with maximum, minimum, standard deviation, and range of variation.

Automatic calculate exit travel, save time.

Unit of measure N-KGcan be one key converted.

With micro printer

Convenient and quick measuring tablet diameter

Main Technical Parameters

- Hardness test range: 2- 500N

- Resolution0.1N

- Hardness measurement accuracy±0.5% range

- Tablet test diameter2-40mm

- Repeated measurement error±1%

- Number of test pieces per group100 tablets

- Measure unit: N, Kg

- Interface: Standard serial print interface, with thermal paper printing.

- Dimension (L×W×H) 500mm*400mm*160mm

- Power: 220V 50Hz

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