Tapped Density apparatus

Tapped Density apparatus


Instrument according to Chinese standards, with reference to the United States Pharmacopoeia

Independent R & D and manufacturing, with independent intellectual property rights.

Instrument is composed by the adjustable speed motor, vibration components, micro-computer and micro-printer and other components.

Amplitude, number of vibration, a small angle rotation of vibration components can be set, to ensure uniform material.

Automatic calculation, print test results.

Technical parameter

- Sample weight: ≤500.00g

- Sample volume: ≤250.00ml

- Times of single vibration: 0 to 99999 times arbitrarily set (When the result is 0, the output is "loose".)

- Counting mode: photoelectric sensor;

- Motor allowable torque: 0.86 N.m

- Results output: with printing function

- Vibration frequency: 0 - 300 RPM / min (continuously adjustable)

- Vibration amplitude: Maximum 15mm, integer 1-15mm adjustable

- Repetitive error ≤1%

- Accuracy error ≤1%

- Power Supply: AC 220V (50Hz/60Hz)40W

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