Aseptic Eye Drops Filling Production Line

Aseptic Eye Drops Filling Production Line


The production lineconsists of four main units including unscrambler, conveyor, air washer, filling plugging and capping unit. The entire production process is protected underlaminar flowH14 and aseptic isolation cover, the whole machine meets the requirements of GMP.


Production line composition:

Big bottle storage hopper, automatic unscrambling system

Bottle conveyor, auto reject bottle fell down system

Static elimination, bottle air washing system

Static elimination, plug/cap air washing system

High Precision ceramic piston pump filling system

Vacuum suck and auto pick and place plug system

Auto pick and place cap system

Constant magnetic torque, rotary screw capping system

Laminar flow H14 and isolate hood system



Laminar flow provides aseptic protection

Advanced PLC control system, with inverter, I/O online monitoring, full line is automatically running.

Super elevation design of conveyor beyond machine table

Aseptic purified air washing bottle

Advanced ceramic piston pump dispensing mechanism

Plug vacuum pick and place unit, rotary planet driving system, Capping unit adopt magnetic adjustable torque clutch

Key electrical elements, photo sensor, pneumatic components are famous name brand.

Multi-function design, the production line occupies small space.

The use of high-performance POM material can reduce the wear and tear of the moving process.

Low starting current, low starting torque, high power factor of the entire speed range.

With automatic overload protection, the faulty automatic shutdown, the electrical part of the fault in the man-machine interface display.

With switching program specifications can be realized adjustments

Inverted bottle removed, no bottle shutdown protection, waiting for boot, no plug no cap of substandard products excluded, counting, and before and after the machine automatically interlock protection.


Main technical parameters:

- Bottle used: 5-50ml plastic bottle

- Production capacity: 170 BPM (10ml)

- Filling nozzles: 12

- Bottle air washing heads: 12

- Plug placing heads: 18

- Capping heads: 18

- Filling precision: ≤±2%

- Qualified bottle air washing: 100%

- Qualified plug placing:  ≥99%

- Qualified cap screwing:  ≥99%

- Compressed air required: 15m3/h 0.6~0.8MPa

- Total power: 11KW 380V/220V 50Hz

- Whole machine net weight: 4800kg

- Overall dimension: (L x W x H): 9500x2150x2000mm (Exclude LAF)

 9500x2150x2600mm (Include LAF)

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