Three-In-One Machine for Non-PVC Soft Bag

Three-In-One Machine for Non-PVC Soft Bag


Main Characteristics

PLC, powerful function, perfect performance and intelligent control

Touch screen in multiple languages; various data can be adjusted, also can be printed out as required.

The fastest signal transmission and the simplest on-site maintenance

The main drive combined by servo motor with synchronous belt, accurate position.

Non-contact hot sealing to avoid contamination and leakage

Advanced mass flow meter gives precise filling

Centralized air intake and exhaust

The machine alarms when parameters value exceeds set value.

Faulty points can be searched and displayed on the touch screen immediately when problems happened.

Parameters stored can be used directly without resetting.

Special CIP and SIP to save cleaning time and ensure good sterilization.

Parameters setting with self-protection

Only changing mould and different parametersfor another size product

Main components with international famous brands

Good adaptability to different films, colour ribbon, ports and caps.

Made of SS, meet GMP requirement.


Film Feeding Station

Printing Station

Film Stretching and Opening Station

Ports Feeding Stations

Ports Preheating Station

Bag Forming Station

1st & 2nd Ports Heat Seal Welding Stations

Bag Cold Joint Welding & Waste Edge Removing Station

Bag Inversing Station

Filling station

Assembled Cover Feeding Station

Sealing Station & Bag Outputting

Electric Control Cabinet

Main technical parameters

- Capacity: 2200BPH-100/250ml, 2000 BPH-500 ml (2 filling heads)

- Measurement Tolerance:≤±2 (with style of mass flow)

- CIP/SIP: 25-30mins;

- Solution Temperature: Max. 50

- Solution Pressure: 2-4kg/cm²

- Bag Film: Non-PVC double-layer film;

- Film Thickness: 190±20umtolerance: max.10%);

- ID of Film Roll: Min.150mm;

- Max. OD of Film Roll: Max.600mm;

- Specification: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml(Others to be tailored)

- Bag Form: Single port, hot-sealing

- Printing: Hot foil printing

- Power Supply: 380V/50Hz/22KW

- Compressed Air Pressure: 6 Bar (dry/oil less), 5um; 2000L/min

- Clean Air Pressure: 4Bar(dry/oil less), 0.22um; 800L/min

- Cooling Water: 15-20; 300L/H

- Noise: Max.75dB;

- Relative Humidity: Max.50%

- Average Humidity: Max.85%

- Ambient Temperature: Max.24

- Material: Contact with solution are SS 316L

- Overall Dimension: 4.72 × 2.6 × 2.1M

- Weight: 4T
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