Digital display type viscometer

Digital display type viscometer


Widely used in production industry and scientific research units for fluid oil and semi-fluid, such as paint, pulp, textiles, food, medicine, adhesives, and cosmetics.

The absolute viscosity of Newtonian liquid or the apparent viscosityof non-Newtonian liquid can be determined. If viscometer data processing software is used, therheological propertiesof non-Newtonian liquid can be analyzed.

With advantages of measure accurate, fast, intuitive, simple,it is goodchoice for customers.


1. Using advanced microcomputer drive technology, quality stepper motor, LCD backlight display, program settings, and automatic control

2. Smooth speed,easy to operate

3. With automatic scanning, error alarm and other useful features

4. Many information can be directly displayed on the screen, such as viscosity, speed, rotor number, percentage of torque, maximum viscosity you selectedrange can measured theand the measured liquid temperature.

5. To ensure that the instrument has high sensitivity, high precision and high repeatability,the instrument's full scale,linearity of each blockcan be measured and corrected via the PC interface & standard silicone oil, so the measured data are accurate and repeatable.

Mian technical parameters:

- Model: DV5S

- Display: Backlit LCD display

- Speed (r / min): 6/12/30/60

- Measuring range: MPa.s 10 to 100,000 (If the viscosity is less than 10, 0 # rotor should be chose)

- Rotor: 1 - 4 # (standard configuration)

- Measurement error: ¡À 3% (Newtonian liquid)

- Temperature measurement function: optional temperature probe

- Auto Scan function: automatically scans and recommends a preferred combination of rotor and speed

- Automatic display of the maximum measuring range: measurable viscosity range of the selected combination of rotor and speed can be displayed automatically.

- Constant temperature unit: optional

- Data output interface: standard configuration

- Data processing software: standard configuration

- Working power: 220V / 50Hz

- Overall dimensions 300 ¡Á 300 ¡Á 450 (mm)


Standard configuration:

Host, rack, 1-4 # rotors, rotor protection frame

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