Oral liquid filling line

Oral liquid filling line


Filling oral liquid production with glass bottles.

This production line consists of vertical (ultrasonic) washing machine, hot air circulation tunnel oven, high-speed filling and capping machine and other equipment. It is suitable for round or shoulder abnormity production. Washing, sterilization, filling, capping and other processes can be completed. The production line meets the requirements of GMP, with stable production, high yield, easy operation and maintenance, low running costs. Production line adopts PLC systems, photoelectric sensors in the line prevent squeeze bottles, broken bottles.

Main technical parameter:

Production capacity: 150 to 300 bottles / min
Applicable specifications: 30-150ml
Production qualified rate: °›99%
Power: 380V, 50Hz
Total power: 50KW
Dimensions: 12000mm °Ń 3000mm °Ń 2500mm

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