Suppository filling machine

Suppository filling machine

Working principle:

Plastic sheet (PVC, PVC / PE) is rolled and become suppository shells by the system positive pressure blow in the molding process. In the filling process, stir medicine liquid is filled into shell by high-precision metering pump. Then it will be cut, after a period of low temperature, to achieve solid suppository, by shaping, sealing, print number and cutting processes, finished suppository products.


1. Adopt  plug-in filling, accuracy position, no drop, high measurement accuracy.
2. Wide adaptability, viscosity liquid can be filled, such as gelatin matrix.
3. PLC programmable control and industrial human-machine interface operation, with a high degree of automation, easy adjustment, high control accuracy and reliability, smooth running characteristics.
4. Big capacity barrel, with a constant temperature, stirring and liquid level automatic control devices.
5. Adding medicine liquid with low position, it reduces labor intensity. With a fluid in circles and pipe insulation, ensure stop machine, the liquid is not solidified.
6. Operation in single side, good vision.

M-SFM model main technical parameters:

1. Yield: 6000-10000 grains /h
2. Single particle dose: 1-5g /grain (also making special specifications)
3. Dose tolerance: 2%
4. Suppositories Shape: bullet, torpedo, duckbill type and other special shapes
5. Adaptation base: semi-synthetic glycerides of fatty acids, glycerinated gelatin, polyethylene glycol, etc.
6. The reservoir bucket capacity: 50L
7. Packing height: 1400mm
8. Power supply: 380V, three-phase, AC
9. Total power: 13KW
10. Air pressure: 0.6MPa
11. Air consumption: 1.5m3 / min
12. Water: 1000 kg / h (reusable)
13. Dimensions: 7000 1500 1700mm (L W H)
14. Weight: 2000kg

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