Automatic cream filling machine

Automatic cream filling machine


Automatic cream filling machine is suitable for filling materials, such as pure liquid, viscosity liquids, oil, soap liquid, detergent, shampoo, sauces, ketchup, loquat cream, honey, baking oil cream, etc.


It is made of stainless steel 304 materials, material contact drug are made of stainless steel 316L material.

Filling piston pump is made of 316L stainless steel, applicable to poor fluidity, viscosity liquid. The piston cylinder is adopted fast disassembly structure, easy cleaning and disinfection.

Four rotary ball valves are adopted316L stainless steel, the same expansion coefficient, so it can¡¯t be scuffed and locked. With bearing on both sides of valve, there is no real contact when rotating, remained at about 8 C, even with particles loaded materials can also be filling, and it has a long life.

PLC control, speed control by frequency converter, friendly HMI, simple operation.

It can be applied to different specifications of bottles; the adjustment is simple and convenient, even if the replacement different size product also can be completed in a short time.

Automatic cream filling machine main technical parameters:

Model: M-CFM40

Applicable bottle specifications£º50-150ml£¨Filling range according to customer requirements£©

Number of filling head£º4 pc£¨Filling head can be customized for a given formulation£©

Hopper capacity£º500 liters (with a heating and agitator hopper and inlet valve)

Yield£º40 bottles / min

Filling quantity error£º¡Ü¡À2£¥ Standard loading

Power Supply£º380V 50Hz

Max. power£º8.6KW

Pressure range of compress air£º0.4¡«0.6Mpa

Speed control: frequency conversion speed regulation




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