Counting machine

Counting machine


This type counting machine is a high-speed and high-performance quantitative counting device, and it can accurately calculate various sizes of capsules, tablets, pills and other similar products and filling all kinds of bottles and plastic bags.


1. The machine is made of stainless steel, glass rotating disc and glass fiber hopper, easy to clean, in line with GMP requirements.

2. The computerized digital display, counting range 1-9999 pcs, very easy to set

3. Stable rotation system, with computer precision sensing systems, so that an exact count

4. All parts can be used interchangeably, even the control system PC board, also easy replacement

5. With collecting device for powders

6. Simple structure, easy maintenance, easy to clean

7. The operation is simple, easy to learn, no need to replace the mold when calculating the different products

8. The double outlet designed to meet the operation principle of Single Hands

9. Diameter of rotating disc is 460mm, most storage materials, fast counting

10. The rotating disc is made of reinforced plate glass

11. infrared sensor (Keyence brand) with automatic light filling system, if dust affect countting accuracy, the machine will stop and alert sound, then clean the dust on the  sensor, it can continue to run automatically.

Desk Top Type Counting Machine Technical Parameters:

Yield: Table Ø5mm

50,000 pcs/hr.

Yield: Table Ø10mm

40,000 pcs/hr.

Yield: Capsule #1

40,000 pcs/hr.

Yield: Capsule #4

30,000 pcs/hr.

Power Supply

AC 110/220V 50/60Hz,Single Phase

Power Consumption

0.2 KW

Packing Size

116 x 156 x 78 cm

Net Weight

70 KG

Gross Weight

140 KG

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