Crispness tester

Crispness tester


Widely used to detect tablet friability in pharmaceutical.


Single direction, double drum, synchronous working; automatic timed shutdown.

Drum adopts high-quality, colorless, transparent plexiglass.

Free preset parameter, display preset value and real value.

Automatic control rotation speed, rotation number, high control accuracy. Automation detection, diagnosis and alarm.

Main technical parameter:

Number of drum 2 pcs

Drum inner diameter 286mm

Drum depth 39 mm

Drugs fall height 156 mm

Rotation speed range (20 to 90) rpm

Rotational speed accuracy of 1 rpm

Rotation number range (10 to 900) round

Turn laps accuracy of 1 round

Continuous working time more than 24 hours

Power 220V / 50Hz / 60w

Overall dimensions (37 30 34) cm3

Weight 14Kg

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