Ultraviolet spectrophotometer

Ultraviolet spectrophotometer


For the pharmaceutical, food, the spectacle lens industry, glass coating, tobacco, ink, wine, oil, cosmetics and epidemic prevention detection.


Ultraviolet spectrophotometer is a monochromatic light photometer which wavelength can be adjustable and choosen. You can qualitative analysis the absorption spectrum of the solution according to light absorption of different wavelength, it may be fixed the wavelength of incident light absorbance to measure the material quantitative analysis. Depending on different wavelength, it can be divided into visible, ultraviolet, infrared type.

Main technical parameter:

Optical system: Double beam, 1200 lines, blazed gratings
Metering: transmittance, absorbance, energy reflectance
Wavelength range: 190 nm ~ 1100 nm
Spectral bandwidth: 1nm / 2nm
With scanning capability
Can be connected to the computer


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