High performance liquid chromatography

High performance liquid chromatography


It is widely applied to biochemistry, food analysis in various fields, medical research, environmental analysis and inorganic analysis.


High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is also known as high pressure liquid chromatography, high speed liquid chromatography, high resolution liquid chromatography. HPLC requires that the sample can be made only solution compated with the sample pretreatment. With high resolution, high sensitivity, high speed, column can be repeatedly used, the outflow component is easy to collect, etc., microcontent elements can be separated. The main types include liquid-solid adsorption chromatography, liquid-liquid partition chromatography, bonded phase chromatography, gel chromatography.


1. The system by the high-pressure pump, UV detector, injector valves, solvent tray, columns, working software and other components; installation, commissioning and use are very simple.

2. High-pressure infusion pump adopts CPLD technology, high-precision infusion pump system controlled by a microcontroller. Full digital frequency generation system, friendly human-machine display interface, advanced motor drive systems, advanced pump head and single valve design make the system under all conditions is guaranteed accuracy and repeatability of the infusion.

3. UV is a spectroscopic detector, it can match any infusion pumps, and have a wide range of applications. Uses a fully digital, highly integrated design, greatly reduce the noise of the instrument; based on digital signal transmission and processing,  the detector signals can be input directly into the computer's serial port for acquisition.

M-HPLC300 main technical parameter:





High-pressure pump

2 psc


UV detector / analyzed flow cell

1 pcs


Rehodyne manual injection valve 20UL loop

1 pcs


Chromatography workstation

1 pcs


Debugging column  C18, 2504.6, 10ul

1 pcs


Debugging starter kit

1 pcs


Analysis of Dynamic mixer

1 pcs


Solvent tray

1 pcs


Solvent filters, pumps, ultrasonic (initial use mandatory)

1 setselectable

High-pressure pump technical parameter:  

Infusion mode

Twin-plunger pump, one plunger for imbibing, one plunger for assiting.

Pump head

Analysis mode: 10 ml stainless steel/PEEK pump head; Half preparation mode: 50ml stainless steel /PEEK pump head

Max. working press

Analysis mode: 42MPa stainless steel pump head /30MPa PEEK pump head; Half preparation mode: 30MPa stainless steel pump head /20MPa PEEK pump head

Flow range

Analysis mode: 0.001-9.999ml; Half preparation mode: 0.01-49.99 ml

Flow precision


Flow repeatability


Screen display

320240 LCD display, adjustable blue backlight

System protection

Slow start, stop below the minimum pressure. Maximum and minimum pressure is adjustable, user data is automatically saved.

System connection

1/16 " pipe

Control system

Independent modes, full keyboard set parameters. Work on the high-pressure gradient mode, one is the main pump, and control other same type of high-pressure infusion pump, and verification gradient mode by the monitor display.
Serial mode: RS232 port, control the high-pressure pump.

Dimension: 398149267 mm, weight: 10 Kg, power: 220V10%/50Hz/40W

UV detector technical parameter:

Wave length

190-700nm  precision: 2nm

Wave repeatability


Lamp source

Deuterium lamp(standard); wolfram lamp  (replacement)

Lamp source control

Lamp can be selected,  on/off  status can be set.

Scan function

Staying scanning, scanning is programmable, start and end points can be set,  scan step size can be set.

Detection range


Noise of datum line

1.5105AU/h dynamic state: flow speed1ml/min carbinol

/water=80/20, wave length 254nm

Shift of datum line

410-4AU/h dynamic state: flow speed 1ml/min carbinol

/water =80/20, wave length 254nm

Time constant


Analog signal

0.1V/ 1.0V/ 10V

Integral output

16 class adjustable

Automatic zeroing

Full measuring range


Independent modes, full keyboard set parameters. Serial mode: RS232 port, control the high-pressure pump.

Screen display

320240 LCD display, adjustable blue backlight


The total lighting time, lighting times. Replace the lamp and number.

Dimension: 398149267mm, weight: 10 Kg, power: 220V10% / 50Hz / 40W


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