Automatic polarimeter

Automatic polarimeter


With detecting the rotation of the material, automatic polarimeter can be analyzed and determine the substance concentration, content and purity. It is widely used in medicine, petroleum, food, chemical, other industries and research institutions.


Photoelectric detection and automatic servo control, backlit LCD display, clear and intuitive test data, save three retest results, and calculate the average, with RS232 interface, it can transmit data to PC.

Main Technical Parameter:

Measurement mode: optical rotation, Brix
Luminous source: LED + high-precision interference filters
Operating wavelength: 589nm (Sodium D spectrum)
Measuring range: 45 (rotation) 120 Z (sugar content)
Minimum reading: 0.001 (rotation) 0.01 Z (sugar content)
Accuracy: (0.01+ measured value 0.05%) (rotation) 0.05
(0.03+ measured value 0.05%) Z (sugar content)
Repeatability (standard deviation ): sample transmittance greater than 1%   0.002 (optical rotation)
When the transmittance of the sample is greater than 1% 0.02 Z (Brix)
Tube: 200mm, 100mm
Samples can be measured minimum transmission: l%
Output Communication interface: RS232
Power: 220V / 50Hz
Dimensions: 600mm 320mm 200mm
Instrument Quality: 28 Kg
Instrument level: 0.05


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