Automatic dead stop titration

Automatic dead stop titration


Define the dead for titration analysis.


With LCD display, it can display information about the test parameters and measurement results. Using pre-titration, preset end point titration, blank titration or manual titration function, it can generate special titration mode. With different electrode, it can do as bellow: acid-base titration, redox titration, precipitation titration, PH measuremen and non-aqueous titration. With power protection, stirring system uses PWM modulation technology, software speed and low noise. With RS-232 communication interface, external (TP-16, TP-24 or TP-40) serial printing, print test data, titration curve and calculation results. It can communicate with computer, real-time display on the computer. Another, titration modes can be edited and modified to achieve remote control, and a variety of statistical calculation results. The acid titration system adopts anti-corrosion materials.

Main Technical Parameter:

Measuring range and resolution factor:

pH:  0.00¡«14.00      0.01pH

mV: 0¡«1800 mV      0.1mV   

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