Detection of microbial limit

Detection of microbial limit


Detect microbian in pure water, injection water and liquid preparationú╗detect the total number of bacteria in air-conditioning condensation water, drinking waterú╗detect the total number of colonies in pure waterú╗test water samples for microbiology.


Microbial limit inspection system uses the principle of membrane filtration, it contains the microbial limit testing instrument and microbial limit incubator. Microbial limits test instrument has built-in vacuum pump and switching function for external vacuum pump, the user can freely switch vacuum filtration. With single-use microbial limits incubator and membrane diameter 60 mm, it can be directly cast solid medium and cultured without  transfer membrane, eliminating the preparation of the dish and film. It is easier and more reliable for microbial limit inspection.


1. Rapid filtration, reducing operational, saving operating time

2. With large-diameter 60mm filter diameter

3. Single-use, reduce the amount of preparatory work before the experiment (washing, sterilization, etc.), improve work efficiency

4. Built-in vacuum pump and external interface to vacuum pump dual function, user can changes switched according to actual needs

5. Whole rust-proof, waterproof and easy to clean

6. The instrument automatically relief, convenient to take the cup

7. Display time can be set

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