Environmental testing instrument

Environmental testing instrument


It is a portable test instrument, and it can be widely used in electronics, pharmaceutical, health care, biotechnology, aerospace and other production, research departments, it is particularly suitable for the detection for cleanroom, and it is the ideal instrument for pharmaceutical companies and the quality supervision departments to implement the GMP standard.


One set as desired may include hygrometer, anemometer, sound level meter, light meter, pressure tester, dust particle detector. It displays the test data in digital form. Its advantage includes reliable quality, high precision, clear digital display and easy to use.

Main Technical Parameter:

Measuring range

Differential pressure: 0~199Pa

Temperature: 0~50°ś

Humidness: 30~90%

Measuring precision

Differential pressure: °‹3%£®linearity error£©

Temperature: °ņ1°ś

Humidness: °ņ3%£®25°ś£©


LCD display


Instrument built-in rechargeable battery


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