Microbial analyzer

Microbial analyzer


Detection systems for biological safety, disease control, rapid testing in inspection and quarantine, Yersinia pestis, Bacillus anthracis, Brucella, Yersinia pestis anti-FI-Ag antibody, anti-Yersinia pestis V-Ag antibody, anti-SARS-CoV antibody and other species potent pathogen.


Up-Converting Phosphor Technology (UPT) use UCP particles unique upconversion luminescence, so that any quench and background interference do not exist, thus detecting of the sample has good stability and compatibility . High automation, automatic identification reagent card type, you can get result with a key, low probability misuse. Suitable for field testing, do not rely on other instruments, testing fast, high sensitivity, the sample can be detected directly without pretreatment, no harm to sample and environment.

Main Technical Parameter:




Hypersensitivity emitting type

Detection range

Yersinia pestis, Bacillus anthracis, Brucella, cholera, E. coli, Yersinia pestis antibodies, but not limited to the above items


°‹ 1°Ń104 CFU/ml


Related species no non-specific reaction

Sample toleration

Withstand a variety of complex samples, it can be directly detected without cumbersome process

Detection time

°‹ 20 min

Disply type

Auto show (no visual), print, save, transfer

The original test strip save aging

2 years


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