Composite film packaging machine

Composite film packaging machine


Automatic soft stretch film vacuum packaging machine is fully automatic molding, vacuum, inflatable, seal packaging machine, suitable for medicine, food, hardware equipment and other industries.


Machine includes power-assisted film transport structure, thermoformed structure, up film installation structure, vacuum sealing structure, the inkjet printing system, cross-cutting structure, slitting-cutting structure, the electronic control system (contain electric cabinet, PLC, touch screen, etc.).

1. The machine uses rigid aluminum and stainless steel materials, greatly improving the corrosion resistance of the equipment

2. Using a combined mold, easy to replace, the mold with water cooling system

3. With stable performance, long service life of SMC pneumatic components

4. The ultimate choice of high vacuum, high performance Germany BUSCH vacuum pump

5. Electrical components is reliable performance, easy to operate

6. The use of optical tracking, you can choose the color of the cover film or film for packaging, reduce costs, improve product quality

7. Equipped with advanced automatic coding system

8. The use of advanced cross-cutting and slitting-cutting systems, replacement is easy to operate, with scrap recycling system

Automatic vacuum package machine main technical parameter:




6-8 pcs/min

Phase / Voltage / Frequency

AC  3PH / 380V / 50 Hz

Electric capacity



Soft bag 100¡«250 ml

Dimension  (L x W x H)

7800 x 1400 x 2040MM


2000 Kg


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