Soft bag leak detection machine

Soft bag leak detection machine


Apply to non-PVC soft-bag infusion leak detection after filling. Check 3000ml, 1000ml, 500ml, 250ml, 100ml and various specifications without changing the mould.


Factories provide 220V 50Hz electricity, which after frequency conversion by frequency power and then boost through transformer, used as detect power. It apply the high voltage on the product testing position, detecting current changes being received and sensor recognition, then convey to the industrial computer. And the computer will judge the products qualified or not according to corresponding logic, finally the signal will be sent to the actuator mechanism and reject the defective goods.

Main Technical Parameter:

Testing Method

High Frequency, high voltage, sparks discharge

Input voltage

3PH/380V/50Hz  3Kw

Operation height

850 ¡À 50mm

Compressed air

5 Kg/cm2     10 L/min

Outside dimension

L3000 x W800 x H1200

Max. capacity

4000 pcs/H


1000 Kg


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