Automatic cartoning machine

Automatic cartoning machine


Cartoning machine is a kind of packaging machinery.  This machine is suitable for boxing packing of round bottle and easy-flasks and similar articles, automatic instructions folding, cartons open, boxing, printing batch number, sealing and other work.


1. Machines can be divided into horizontal type and vertical type. Among them, the package is pushed into the carton in horizontally model called the horizontal type, in the vertical direction to be packed into the carton models called vertical type.

2. According to the ultimate form of separable carton sealing plug tongue type, adhesive type, mixed type, expansion type, self-lockingtype and so on.

3. According the shape of packaged, machines can be divided into a plate (such as a blister pack), bottle-shaped, hose-like, shaped like.

4. According to specification packaging, machines can be divided into single, two-piece, pieces, assembly (such as an antibiotic bottle powder injection ampoule +1 branched water-pin), etc.

M-ACM70 type main Technical Parameter:


Host speed: 50-80 boxes / minute

Folding machine running speed: 50-130 sheets / minute

Compress air

20 m³ / h (pressure 0.5-0.7 MPa)

Packaging Material

Carton weight: 250-300 gramme / quare meter

(depending on tray size)

Max size: 2008060mm.

Min size: 502015mm

Instruction book

Paper weight: 55-65 gramme 

Max size: 260190 mm   

Min size: 100100 mm


AC 380V/50Hz/1.5Kw

Dimension (mm)


Weight Kg

About 1500


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