Automatic blister packaging machine

Automatic blister packaging machine


Automatic blister packaging machine is a kind of pharma machine which can put ampoule, vial, capsule, tablet into blister and seal by heat.  It widely used in aluminum plastic pack for pharmaceutical plant, hospital, health care product plant, foodstuff, electron component etc.



1. Adopt touch screen and PLC

2. Mould temperature can be adjusted.

3. Mould is easy to change.

4. Speed can be adjusted.

5. Waster-eliminating device.

6. The heating mould will automatically separate when the machine stops, to protect the material and the machine`s life.

7. Stepping motor drive wheel to grip and tow wrapper, Synchronize accurately

M-ABPM4800 type main Technical Parameter:

Cutting Frequency (times/min)


Capacity (strip/h )


Max shaping areas and depth (mm)

30 x 100 x 26

Stroke (mm)

20-120 (can be manufactured as user`s requirements)

Standard Sheet (mm)

80 x 57 (can be manufactured as user`s requirements)

Compress air Pressure (MPa)


Total power:

380V/220V 50Hz 3.2Kw

PVC hard pieces (mm)

0.15-0.5 x 140

PTP Aluminum Foil (mm)

0.02-0.035 x 140

Dialysis Paper (mm)

50-100g x 140

Mould Cooling

Tap water or back water

Overall Dimensions (mm)

2300 x 560 x 1410



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