Wet type granulator

Wet type granulator


The machine is suitable for mixing and granulating of powder materials, it can be widely used in medicine, food, chemical, light industry.


1. Machine adopts PLC control, touch screen dynamic screen display operations.

2. Agitate and granulating knives motor are used frequency control, motor speed ratio is infinite, so that the particle size can be controlled.

3. The design of the V-shaped structure of the cutter, it can improve the material mixing uniformity.

4. The precision design machined three-dimensional mixing movement 36 ¡ã -Z-shaped paddle, energy and little adhesive material on pot wall, improve pellet quality.

5. Double pot (jacket bottom of the pot) technology, the material can be cooled.

6. The pneumatic opening and closing the lid, there are safety devices, safe and reliable operation.

7. Agitate rotary shaft seal chamber labyrinth seal inflated positive pressure, injection and blow free to switch, meet CIP cleaning requirements.

8. Granulating knife rotating shaft chamber labyrinth seal inflatable seal, and with centrifugal drainage ring with double seal protection.

9. Optional feature: Medical material contact parts 316L; vacuum feeding device; spray device (with peristaltic pumping or diaphragm delivery, pressure tank delivery), to solve the problem extract powder granulation; special explosion-proof structure using air signal transmission instruction, no spark control truly meet explosion-proof requirements.

Main technical parameters:

Model: M-WTG50

Hopper volume: 50 liters

Feeding amount: 6-18 Kg / batch (hypothesis density 0.5 g / cm3)

Operation time: 10-15 minutes / batch

Finished size: P0.14-¦µ1.5mm (12 mesh -100 mesh) according to material properties and process Hybrid Motor: 5.5Kw / 6 pole

Mixing paddle speed: 50-500 rev / min Frequency
Granulation motor: 1.5 Kw 2 pole

Granulation propeller speed: 50-3000 rev / min Frequency

Compressed air: 0.3 m 3 / min 0.7Mpa (user-configurable)

Cooling water connection: ¦µ10mm or G 3/8

Compressed air connection: ¦µ16mm or G 3/8

Host Size: 2100L ¡Á 850B ¡Á 1550H mm

Weight: about 500 Kg


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