Ampoule printer

Ampoule printer


Ampoule printing machine is main equipment for pharmaceutical water injections, powder injection, ampoule printing and into the cartridge,it can be used for a variety of specifications ampoule printing into the box. The machine is equipped with clutch, it can be easily adjusted transport modes and exchange type or board. The machine has reasonable structure, beautiful shape, simple, clear printing, high efficiency, low labor intensity.


1. using a special UV ink printing ink, violet light curing, good printing effect, strong adhesion

2. printing section and transport section, you can adjust the control alone, when changing product, you can simply adjust

3. machine uses international brand of electrical components to ensure the stability

4. PLC and precision drive to ensure that the printing position accurate, clear

5. After curing special inks and violet light, good print quality, the frozen, not writing off

Main technical parameters:

Ampoule specifications: 1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml

Production: 5000-6500 pcs / h

Transmission of electric power: 0.75Kw

Electric furnace power: 27Kw

Dimensions: 7500 x 800 x 1600

Machine quality: 800Kg

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