Label machine

Label machine


This machine is suitable for labelling various kinds of roundness bottle and round substance in pharmaceutical and food industry, etc.


Its adopted serve motor control, import operation screen, labelling precision, little error, high efficient. Also adopt from right to left running type, and setting failure and value of number alarm device (option) connect with printer can output classes product record, to realizes automatic monitoring product condition.

Main technical parameters:

1. Labeling speed: 35m/ min

2. Specification of bottle:  18~100mm

3. Label specification:

The inner diameter of label coil canister core:  76mm

The more of label outer diameter:  350mm

The length of Label: 10~200mm

The width of Label h: 10~80mm

4. Power supply: 220V50Hz

5. Power:  0.8 Kw

6. Dimension:  20006001350 mm

7. Production rate:  not lower than 98%

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