Light inspection machine (Semi-automatic)

Light inspection machine (Semi-automatic)


Mainly used for vial and others bottles testing.


Overload protection, stepless speed for transfer conveyor belt.
LED lamp, adjustable illumination, side light mirror reflection light, easy to view the bottom of the bottle.
The auxiliary sight glass can be arbitrarily selected according to the needs of the operation staff.
Host using PLC, text display control system.
Main control components are adopted quality components.
All control voltagr are DC24V safe voltage, with leakage protection device.
Equipment with a set of size parts.


Main technical parameters:

Application: vial powder products
Production capacity: light inspection by double persons, speed 200-300 bottles / min (10ml vial).
Observation by manual, and remove unqualified product.
Main materialS: stainless steel 304
Power: AC220V / 50HZ / 1KW   

Noise: not more than 70db.
Weight: 350KG
Size: (L) 1064 * (W) 1000 * (H) 1302 mm


host, turntable before light inspection, in & out bottle track

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