Light inspection machine (manual)

Light inspection machine (manual)


Light inspection machine is one of the essential equipment for drug quality testing, the machine is manual light inspection machine for checking 5-100ml bottle.


The light inspection machine is four stations, each station has a black and white background, machine surface is made in SUS304 stainless steel. Using three conveyor belts, pick bottle up and light inspection by manual. Using speed motor, frequency inverter. Having a smooth transmission, easy to control, it can be frequency control, high efficiency. The platen width is adjustable for transmission 5-100 ml bottles, lamp / background plate / cover, stainless steel bracket / foot height adjustable.

Main technical parameters:

1. Production capacity: supporting the conveyor belt

2. Power: 220V / 50 Hz

3. Power: 180 w

4. Transfer belt height 900 mm, 2400 mm long.


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