Capping machine

Capping machine


This machine is mainly used for 2-50ml vials of liquid capping, it can complete sending cover, capping and counting in a machine.


 1. The single-cutter capping method (bottle rotation and revolution, rolling cutter revolution)

 2. The use of low-noise electromagnetic oscillator, with an aluminium cover monitoring device, no cap and stop function

 3. All platforms are used on machine are balcony structure, no welds, no dead ends, easy to clean

 4. The electrical control system is strict design accordance with the similar product in European to ensure that the electrical is good

 5. Operation face is up table 250mm, it can protect the operation surface layer flow is not mixed

M-CM400 type main technical parameters:

1. Production capacity: 18,000 bottles / hour (in 7ml vials computing)

2. Number of rolling head: 10

3. Capping qualified rate: °›99%

4. Broken bottle rate: °‹1 °Ž

5. Power: 380V / 50Hz / 3.5Kw

6. Noise: °‹80 dB

7. Weight: 1500 Kg

8. Overall dimensions (length °Ń width °Ń height): 2420 °Ń 1870 °Ń 1800 (mm)

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