Dehumidification unit

Dehumidification unit


Combined desiccant wheel unit is a high efficient, quick air dehumidification equipment. It can be widely used in military, space technology, medicine and health, record keeping and electronic, shipbuilding, chemical, food industry production, there are strict requirements for air humidity departments and industry .


Desiccant wheel is driven by reducer, when the air to be processed through the treatment zone, moisture in the air is absorbed by the absorbent material, and becomes low humidity, dry air is blown out from the other end of the rotor, to the desired location by the fan. While the regeneration air through the filter, it is heated to become hot air, in the opposite direction into the regeneration zone. Vaporization of water contained in the absorbent material is brought outside, so that moisture absorbent material recovery function, the absorbent material is regenerated. When the wheel rotates slowly, so there is always a part of the wheel needs to be regenerated by a regeneration air heating regeneration; at the same time there is always part area to handle a portion of the regenerated area in contact with the process air and moisture, so desiccant wheel function to ensure continuous and stable output of dry air. The series has a compact structure, stable and reliable performance, easy operation, easy maintenance. Continuous, long-term reliable humidity control.

M-DU type main technical parameter:

Processing air volume

3500 m3 / h

Fresh air

3500 m3 / h

Runner air volume

3500 m3 / h

Wheel regeneration air flow

1167 m3 / h

Renewable heating temperature

140 ± 10 ℃

Cooling capacity

120 Kw

Chilled water temperature

≤7 ℃

Chilled water

≥20.7 t / h

Regenerative electric heating power

36.0 Kw

Blower power

3.0 Kw

Regenerative blower power

1.1 Kw

Wheel drive power

0.025 Kw

Total installed power

40.16 Kw

Turn the wheel rotational speed



3PHX380V/ 50Hz

Unit Dimensions mm



1600 Kg


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