It is widely used in electronics, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry clean room envelope, ceiling, industrial plants, warehouses, cold storage, air conditioning room wall.


Products include steel surface rockwool core, steel surface silicate cotton core, steel surface glass wool core, steel surface polyurethane core, steel surface aluminum (paper) honeycomb core, steel surface inorganic grid core, steel surface gypsum core, steel surface  gypsum rock wool core, steel surface extruded reinforced gypsum layer of rock wool core.

It can be made a special core material and special specifications according to the customer. With good physical and chemical properties, corrosion resistance is especially good, high strength, impact resistance, shock resistance. Demand side can define width and length by engineering requirements, combined installation, construction and installation convenience.

Product specifications

Standard board width (mm): 980, 1180 ( it can be customized)

Thickness (mm): 50, 75, 100, 120, 150 (normally, its width is 50 mm)

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